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What is Colorado's Efficiency Works Program?

We all want a safe, comfortable home. But that comfort comes at a price — financial and environmental — if your home's basic systems run inefficiently. An old furnace or clunky air conditioning unit can be a huge drain on your budget and waste the energy that local utility companies work so hard to produce.

The solution, of course, is to rework your home's essential systems so they run more efficiently, reducing what you spend on utilities and making the most of the earth's resources. But that process can be overwhelming. Where to start?

Efficiency Works helps residents of Northern Colorado take the guesswork out of making energy efficient upgrades in their homes. Since 2014, the company has achieved energy savings equivalent to the average energy use of 11,500 homes. Now that's real impact.

If you live in Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont or Loveland, you could participate in one of Efficiency Works' residential or business programs. Give it a try!

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