Are You Prepared for Winter?

Out here in the west, we have a lot of experience with nasty winter weather. Extreme cold, ice, snow, freezing rain (not to mention the wind)...they can really take their toll. All the more reason to be well prepared! Advance planning can make all the difference in your safety during a winter storm. With adequate preparation, you should be able to weather power outages, blocked roads and piles of snow outside your front door for a few days or up to a week. The best thing you can do is make sure you are prepped and ready to be self-sufficient for a while. Here's what you need to do to pull that off. Ready to find out if you're fully prepared for winter? Ask yourself these questions. First, ar

Get to Know Geano!

Geano has been working at Ward since 2018 and we're so glad he's on the team.

Potential Issues to Look Out For When Purchasing a Historic Home

Historic homes have oodles of charm — original features, beautiful woodwork, built-in cabinetry. There is a lot to love! And...there's a lot to hate. Historic homes, while a delight to look at, can hide a multitude of worries. Here are a few potential issues to look out for. Outdated electrical Electricity became a staple in family homes around the 1950s. People were hooking up fun new technology left and right! But at the time, these old electric systems often only had a few circuits — enough to run an appliance or two, but not much more than that. As a result, older electric panels (sometimes even those from the 1980s) don't have the capacity that a modern family needs to function. To reso

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