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Get to Know Geano!

Tell me about your role at Ward Insulation.

I have been with Ward since February of 2018, so almost 2 years now. I perform home energy audits for two programs we are involved in locally and in Northern Colorado. Based on these audits, we can diagnose where energy deficiencies are and come up with a solution to make the home more efficient.

What do you love most about your job?

The thing I love most about my job is troubleshooting the problems in a home and finding a solution to the problem, kinda like a house doctor and also making the homeowners more comfortable in there homes.

Tell me about a favorite recent project you were on.

I recently went to a homeowner's home to do an audit and they mentioned they were having a thermostat issue. Since it was something I was familiar with, I was able to troubleshoot the problem and educate them on how use it, and get it working for them again. It made the homeowner very happy, and they didn't have to go and get a new one.

Are you from Wyoming? What's your favorite part about living here?

I was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and I would say my favorite part about it is the wide open views...the beautiful scenery and the small town community feel that it provides.

What song do you have on repeat?

I have a lot of songs on repeat, as I'm kind of a music junkie. I listen to just about everything from classical to heavy metal, and everything in between.

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