3 Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Safer Place to Live

92% of us live in areas where the outside air is not safe to breathe. 92%! Crazy, isn't it? Outdoor air polluted by vehicles, power generation and industry causes around 3 million deaths globally, leaving much, much room for improvement when it comes to creating healthier, safer living environments. Fortunately, there are lots of affordable actions you can take to make your home a healthier place to live. Some of these are so simple, you could take them on tomorrow! Let's take a look: 1. Increase ventilation and air flow. Passive ventilation (made by creating an intentional draft between two open areas across a room) can yield up to 25-50% in energy savings from reduced air conditioning use.

Can You Repair a Sinking Foundation?

Few things are more distressing than discovering the place you call home is sinking. When a foundation sinks, an incredible amount of force is put on the structure of the house. If left alone, this can cause load-bearing walls to bow and crack, windows to shatter, and floors to slant — even collapse! A sinking foundation is about as bad as it gets. If not remedied in time, the sinking will only continue, resulting in major structural damage. Fortunately, there is something that can be done; it's called polyjacking. Our team has more than a decade of experience raising and repairing sunken foundations through polyjacking. Just last year, we used deep foam injection to lift and re-stabilize th

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