What is a Renewable Energy Program?

Using clean, renewable energy is easily one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment. Today, electricity production tops the list as the number one source of greenhouse gases, as well as toxic buildup in our air and water. Yikes! Replacing fossil fuel-derived energy with clean, renewable energy sources will take time and reliable, bi-partisan support from both our state and federal governments. That said, there is a lot you can do as an individual household to limit your contribution to climate change and create a sustainable energy future. One big idea: signing up with a local renewable energy program! What is a renewable energy program? Renewable

Why Attic Insulation is So Important

When the house gets too hot or too cold, most of us head straight for the thermostat. But if your goal is to keep the place comfortable without spending a fortune on utilities, this is the last thing you should be doing. Pumping up the heat without addressing your home's insulation issues is like applying a bandaid to a gunshot wound; it just isn't going to cut it! The benefits of insulating your attic Lower utility bills Installing attic insulation is like putting a tight lid on the top of your living space. Secure and impermeable, attic insulation slows migration of heat out of your ceiling and attic and ensures you stay warm without having to dump all of your disposable income into keepin

How to Read Your Energy Bill

Most of us pay our energy bills without a second thought. All that matters is that it gets paid on time, right? Well, not necessarily. Your utility bill is full of useful information that can help inform how much energy you use (and what you pay for it) down the road. Knowing it front to back is in your best interest! Every utility bill you receive, by mail or digitally, should feature a breakdown of charges, including how much energy you use each month and how that use pattern compares to prior months' energy use. Looking to sign up for a voluntary renewable energy program? Those charges will be added to this same energy bill; so, getting familiar with it is your first step toward making sm

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