4 Apps That Will Help You Track Your Energy Usage

Electricity is one of those utilities that is notoriously hard to control. Have a leaky pipe? You'll know about it pretty quickly. Start taking shorter showers? Your water bill will reflect that. Electricity, on the other hand — how do you know whether the culprit is a outdated refrigerator or your bad habit of keeping your laptop plugged in 24/7. Tracking energy use on your own is complicated. Fortunately, there are tons of smartphone apps out there that make it a whole lot easier. Here are four that we've enjoyed using. 1. Energy Cost Calculator | Google Play | iTunes Loved by the best eco publishers in the business, Energy Cost Calculator helps users determine which appliances in their ho

What to Expect: Concrete Lifting

So, you've done the wise thing and called Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting to level your sunken concrete. Congratulations! You'll be so glad you did. But now that you've gotten in touch, what happens next? Let me walk you through it. We've worked hard to make our process as easy on you — the customer — as possible. From first phone call to closing paperwork, you can rest assured that our team will be friendly, straightforward and communicate regularly with you. No beating around the bush. If we're running more than 15 minutes late, we will call you! If we meet unforeseen challenges, we'll tell you right away. If we can find a way to make the job cheaper or save you a headache, we will. Tha

How to Make Saving Energy a Family Goal

Family goal setting is a wonderful way to bring the group together and enrich family life. Successful families don't happen overnight! Whether reducing food waste, building a tree house or working on saving energy, setting goals as a family helps develop mutual respect and a sense of teamwork. Family goals fall into two categories: 1. The Tangible - This includes attaining things you can buy or build, like a big vacation or a new big-screen TV purchased just in time for the Super Bowl. 2. The Intangible - This might mean pursuing compassion, honesty, quality time or conservation. Whether you want to set tangible or intangible goals, family goal setting is really beneficial. Reflect on your d

What is a Whole House Fan?

Ever heard of a whole house fan? Let me tell you about it! An invention of pure, scientific genius, whole house fans exhaust warm, stale, frequently contaminated air through louvers at a high point in the house (usually the attic or an upper ceiling). As stale air is pulled out, fresh air is pulled in through open windows. A wall switch, timer or automatic thermostat controls it all. Whole house fans generally come in two types: ceiling-mounted or attic-mounted. Attic mounted whole house fans blow air directly out the roof or exterior wall of the attic. Ceiling mounts, on the other hand, are installed just above louvers, drawing air into the attic first, before it's forced out vents in the r

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