Ward Insulation Named 2017 Small Business of the Year!

After three years in the running, we are thrilled to announce that Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting has been named the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce 2017 Small Business of the Year! Ward Insulation has grown a lot over the past three years. We've increased our serviceability to include both spray foam and concrete lifting, serviced the homes of 1,673 customers, and become a top-tier contractor in the most innovative weatherization program in the United States. This, paired with the Chamber of Commerce win, makes 2017 one of our best years yet. Owner of Ward Insulation, Carter Ward, said of the company's recent growth, "Watching our team grow, learn, and develop in their knowledge of

Concrete Lifting vs. Replacement: Which Should You Choose?

Whether you own a business with a parking lot or have a driveway that's giving you trouble, replacing your concrete slab will always be more expensive than lifting it by foam jacking. Here are just a few reasons why: 1. You could save up to 50% on your bill One of the primary benefits of polyurethane concrete lifting is the reduction in overall cost. To replace a concrete slab, you must hire a crew to break up the slab, remove and discard the pieces, then re-stabilize the shifting foundation so new cement may be poured. That's a lot of manpower! Once the cement has been poured, it can take seven days (if not more) to set fully. In total, you could be looking at a project that takes weeks! Co

Why Insulate Your Home?

Home insulation is easy to overlook. Why? Because most of us never see it! Utility bills, on the other hand, are pretty hard to ignore.

It's here! Introducing the new Ward Insulation website

Same values, better visuals. After a five month labor of love, we are excited to announce that we’ve formally launched the new and improved version of our website today! Our goal was to build a website that would provide a better online user experience for our customers, as well as create a space that better represents the Ward Insulation brand. Here are just a few of the upgrades you’ll find at wardinsulation.com. 1. Easier Navigation Looking for information about insulation? You won’t have to look far! Descriptions of our insulation and concrete lifting service offerings are easily found in the new website navigation. Simply hover over the “Services” button and select your service of choic

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