Great Rebates You Can Get Through Colorado's Efficiency Works Program

We've introduced you to Colorado's Efficiency Works program more than once. And for good reason! Efficiency Works does an amazing job of helping residents of Northern Colorado take advantage of the many residential rebates available to them as they make home improvements. Since 2014, Efficiency Works has achieved energy savings equivalent to the average energy use of 11,500 homes. Isn't that incredible? All of this savings comes from Efficiency Works customers taking the organization up on its rebates. Here are a few of their most popular ones: Air Sealing – Get up to $550 back if you reduce air leakage by more than 50%. Insulation – Get up to $825 back on attic insulation and wall insulatio

The Best Insulation Options for a Pole Barn or Metal Shop

Metal buildings (like pole barns and shops) are a durable, cost-effective option when all you need is a reliable structure, fast. But metal and concrete aren't exactly the coziest of materials. If you're planning on spending any significant amount of time inside one — well, you're going to want insulation. Every metal building can be insulated using one of these three insulation materials: fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation or spray foam insulation. The Pros and Cons of Each Insulation Type Fiberglass Insulation – Fiberglass is industry standard for a reason. It's super lightweight, inexpensive and can be applied in two forms (batt or blow-in). That said, while it's great indoors, i

5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Home Cool and Fresh Without Air Conditioning

Some days there's nothing worse than stepping inside after a long day spent in radiating summer heat, only to find that your house is just as toasty — worse even! That stuffy indoor heat can be stifling. But without air conditioning, what are you to do? Air conditioning may be the quickest way to crisp, cool indoor air, but it's not the only way to beat the heat. Here are a few tips to keep your place cool, even when you don't have A/C. 1. Cover windows and doors Sun coming in through your windows is the quickest way to turn your house into an oven. Make use of those blinds to keep the sunlight out (either flip them up to keep sunlight pointing away from the house or flip them down to make t

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