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We've worked hard to ensure our process is as painless as possible. From project beginning to end, you can expect complete professionalism from our team, plus a dose of small-town friendly.

Step 1
Schedule a Consultation


Because every home is unique, we prefer to start our insulation projects with an in-person consultation. During this time, one of our efficiency consultants will visit with you, measure the square footage that needs attention, and check to see what type of insulation is currently installed.


On insulation projects, our consultant may ask you questions like:

Are any rooms colder or draftier than others?

Is your furnace running often to keep the temperature up?

Do you feel like your utility bills are higher than usual?

This information (plus a more in-depth energy audit, if required) will help inform how our team approaches your insulation project and which solutions they recommend.

Concrete lifting projects also require an advance consultation. Some jobs (like raising a driveway slab) are relatively simple, while lifting a house's foundation will require more complex planning. We will always be up front with you concerning what lies ahead!

Step 2
Get a Quote


Once your efficiency consultant has a good sense of your current situation, they will provide you with quote that accurately reflects the size and complexity of the project, including cost of labor and materials.* At this time, our team will also get in touch to schedule work days at a time that is convenient for you. Need financing?  Talk to your efficiency consultant about your financing options!

Step 3
Complete the Work


On the work day, a team of 2-3 installers and technicians will arrive at your home (on time!) to insulate your home or raise your concrete. If something will delay them by more than 15 minutes, our technicians will give you a call. We know your time is precious!

At this time, you should expect to see our technicians working in different areas of the house at once, pulling up trucks and moving equipment. But don't stress! They will lay down drop cloths and tarps, set up fans to vent any unwanted odors, and respect your space by minimizing dust and debris.

Step 4

Follow Up


After your project wraps you can expect a call from one of our administrators to collect payment, complete any outstanding paperwork, and conduct a quick customer satisfaction survey. No matter what, Ward is committed to providing you with exceptional service, from beginning to end.

*Most insulation and concrete lifting projects are completed within the day. For larger projects, please allow for more wiggle room.



"Ward's crew showed up at the agreed upon time, got to work quickly, and finished within a couple of hours. They even explained the rebates available to us through the local power company!"

—  Melissa



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