Get to Know Chelsea: Ward Insulation's Office Manager

Tell us about your role at Ward Insulation. What do you do? My role has evolved over the years. I still answer phones, do the bookkeeping, enter estimates into our estimating software and keep track of general paperwork like I did when I started as Ward's office manager. Now I also get to be a part of business development, play a vital role in the communications with our Wyoming and Colorado rebate programs, and I also do takeoffs for new residential and commercial projects. Have you always lived in Cheyenne? I’ve lived in Laramie County for about 5 years. I was raised in Central Nebraska for most of my life, then moved to Cheyenne for school in 2006 and met my husband. We then moved back to

What is the Stack Effect or Chimney Effect?

Most of us learned in kindergarten that hot air rises and that cool air sinks. This basic law of thermodynamics, convection, governs many of the processes we see happening every day, from the rising of a hot air balloon to the way heat passes between the burner and the pot on your stove. Convection also occurs in your home. And it's not something you should be excited about. In cool winter months, indoor air that has been warmed by your heating system rises via convection to the upper areas of your house. Unfortunately, if your attic has not been insulated, this warm air doesn't stop moving. Rather, it escapes out the gaps and cracks in your attic roof, never to be seen again. The reverse ha

How to Protect Your Home Against Flooding and Water Damage

With all this extreme weather circling Laramie County, we figured now would be a great time to fill y'all in on the secrets to protecting your home against flooding and water damage. Whether caused by heavy hail or aggressive summer thunderstorms, flooding is one of the worst things you can face as a homeowner. The truth is, a great deal of water damage hides beneath the surface — behind your walls or underneath floor boards — making it difficult to locate the problem and make repairs. Better to take the proactive route! Tip #1: Inspect Your Roof A wet, leaky roof can create soggy insulation and drywall, which leads to rot and mold. Those are two issues no one wants on their plate. Often, th

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