3 Commitments to Make to Your House This Year

Our homes do so much for us. They provide shelter from the elements, give us a place to store our belongings and host countless friends and family through every life stage. Our highs and lows are played out here, our birthday parties are held here - sometimes our babies are even born here! Isn't it about time we started treating our homes like part of the family? It might sound silly, but investing in your home can be a beautiful way to express what matters to you. Do you love hosting dinner parties for close friends on a regular basis? Install that new chandelier you've been eyeing. Do you want to turn your place into a property you know will turn a profit for your family upon retirement? M

Why Is My House Still Cold, Even With the Heat On?

We recently came across a note from a homeowner with a forced hot air system who was having trouble keeping his home warm. While his thermostat was cranked up to 79 degrees day after day and the system was working properly, he and his family still had to wear sweaters indoors to keep warm and feel comfortable in the house. What gives! The truth is, this is a pretty common complaint in colder climates. Even with a state-of-the-art heating system pumping hot air throughout your home, there are a number of other factors that can derail whether the home stays warm as it should. Easily the number one culprit? Air infiltration. Whether leaking from fireplaces and windows, seeping up through the fl

7 House Projects to Handle on Your 3-Day Weekend

Three-day weekends are the best. They're perfect for trips to the mountains, sleeping in late, quality time with family — and they're also the perfect opportunity to handle one of the house projects that's been crowding your to-do list. With an extra day to spare, you have nothing to lose! Here are a few simple house projects you could easily knock out in a weekend. 1. Clear out the garage. I know, I know. It's about the least fun chore on the planet. But the purge is so. worth. it. Set up some vertical shelving for a mixture of seasonal items, auto supplies, gardening tools and whatever other category you like, then get to decluttering. There's no better time to let things go. 2. Organize t

The Best Energy Efficiency Rebates in Cheyenne That You Never Knew Existed

Residential rebates are music to the ears of any homeowner looking to take on an energy efficiency project. Install energy efficient equipment, get paid! It's really that simple. Cheyenne residents have a particularly great deal sitting under their noses: a set of stellar rebates designed specifically for local homeowners using Black Hills Energy gas or electric services. Here are a few deals from the list that should definitely be on your radar: 1. Insulation Cheyenne residents with an active Black Hills natural gas account can get $0.50 per square foot on their projects, up to $750! Retrofits on ceilings, walls, floors, foundations and rim joists are all eligible. 2. Air sealing Black Hill

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