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7 House Projects to Handle on Your 3-Day Weekend

Three-day weekends are the best. They're perfect for trips to the mountains, sleeping in late, quality time with family — and they're also the perfect opportunity to handle one of the house projects that's been crowding your to-do list.

With an extra day to spare, you have nothing to lose! Here are a few simple house projects you could easily knock out in a weekend.

1. Clear out the garage.

I know, I know. It's about the least fun chore on the planet. But the purge is so. worth. it. Set up some vertical shelving for a mixture of seasonal items, auto supplies, gardening tools and whatever other category you like, then get to decluttering. There's no better time to let things go.

2. Organize the hall closet.

Coat closets are notorious for gathering items that don't belong there. Move items that are infrequently used to your freshly organized garage, then start sorting. Keep in the closet only items that you use on a daily or weekly basis (anything you want handy) and nothing more.

3. Start planning next year's garden.

Have a backyard or patio garden? Now is a great time to think ahead to the plants you'd like to grow next season. Consider your vision, the materials you'll need, what you'll change, and set a budget. Isn't it nice to get ahead?

4. Paint that room that's been driving you crazy.

Muster up some DIY courage and paint the room you've always wanted to paint. Guest room need a fresh coat? Bathroom need a face lift? Now's your chance! For reference: here are some of the most popular interior paint colors of 2020.

5. Do a maintenance check on your appliances.

Pull out all the user manuals for your most-used appliances (think: refrigerator, furnace, dishwasher) and give them a tune up. Need to change any filters? You should be able to pick up what you need at your local Home Depot or Menard's, no problem.

6. Sort your paper files.

Now's a great time to boot up Netflix for a little organizing session. Pop on your favorite show and sort through all your paper files — medical statements, bills, records. Feel free to ditch anything that's more than 5 years old, unless you think it'll be relevant to you in the near future.

7. Do a quick home energy audit.

Energy is precious, and wasting it can do a number on both your wallet and the environment. To figure out how much energy your home is wasting (and what impact that's having on your utilities), perform a DIY home energy audit. Sound too complicated? Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our energy efficiency consultants instead.

Just a few hours of your time this three-day weekend can make a huge difference in the comfort, safety and organization of your home for years to come. Good luck!

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