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How insulation is an affordable way to improve energy efficiency

Colder months are ahead – is your home ready? Insulation might be the answer you are looking for!

Insulation is a protective barrier between heated or cooled areas of your home and the outside to reduce heat loss and regulate airflow. To summarize, insulation is like your home's coat – this layer of protection sustains your home's elements!

Effective insulation slows the rate that heat flows out of the house in winter; less energy is required to heat your house month to month. Adding insulation may be a determining factor in your home's energy efficiency this winter.

The EPA estimates that the average homeowner can save 15% on heating and cooling costs (11% of total energy costs) by adding insulation in attics, crawl spaces, and basements. In our neck of the woods, where winters can be relatively colder, savings could increase up to 20%.

Increasing your home's insulation is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce energy waste. There are also different options for insulation you can have installed in your home, from spray foam insulation to blown-in insulation. In general, you can expect to spend between $1,200 and $2,500 for attic insulation installed by a professional contractor. If you are going to invest the time and money, you may as well get it done right by the professionals, and at Ward Insulation and Concrete Lifting, we are prepared to assist.

When insulating your home, do your research and talk with your energy company – you could save time and money in the long run! There are a variety of tax credits and rebates that can help offset the cost of insulation installation.

Would you like to schedule a free estimate or learn more about the process? Call at 307-632-7777 or fill out the form in the footer of our website. We are here to help you!


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