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5 reasons insulation instantly improves your home

In addition to making your home more comfortable, sealing air leaks and adding insulation can also reduce your energy use, lowering your heating and cooling bills.

Think of it like this, you would not leave your home during the winter without a coat. We all need layers to be protected from the elements. So does your home! The two primary activities we will perform when insulating are air sealing and insulation.

  • Air sealing is the process of sealing cracks and other sources of leaks in your home to prevent heated air from escaping. Air sealing prevents unwanted outside air from entering your home and helps to keep the airflow inside where it belongs. We find this especially important when you have air conditioning or heating on.

  • Insulation is a protective barrier between heated or cooled areas of your home and the outside to reduce heat loss and regulate airflow. Let us revisit our metaphor; insulation is the layer your home needs to sustain in the elements, your home's coat!

Here are five reasons insulation instantly improves your home -

Increase comfort

When cold air enters your home, it can lower the house's temperature and overworks your furnace during colder months. Your furnace then struggles to maintain the thermostat's specified temperature. By reducing drafts and air leaks, your furnace will work more efficiently. This goes for air conditioning too. It can help your home stay cool or heated, depending on their home's systems and your desires.

Save energy by 20%.

After you seal leaks and insulate, your furnace or air conditioning doesn't have to work as hard, and you gain as much as 20 percent of heated or cool air back in your home.

Reduce your energy costs

By adding layers to your home's envelope, your heating or cooling systems will work to your advantage and keep your home at the desired temperature without overworking. This results in spending less of your funds toward the operation of these systems. So the next question is, what would you do with the extra funds?

Improve air quality

Through sealing and insulation, you can control airflow and moisture, minimizing pollutants entering your home and circulating your duct system. This can protect your loved ones and help reduce the frequency of cleaning your home.

Professional Support

We stand by our products and services and work hard to make sure our clients are satisfied with the outcome. When you call us, you know that you are getting someone local and who gets the environment you live in. Therefore we understand what it takes to achieve your air sealing and insulation goals.

Ready to get started? Submit some information about your project and we will get back to you within the next 48 hours.


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