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How to avoid the need for a "Watch your step" sign

Uneven and sinking concrete may warrant a "watch your step sign." Some of it can be so severe that from a distance, someone walking or driving will be altered from the view and either determine a reroute or brave navigation, even though they feel uneasy. Why put people through this if you don't have to? Many folks don't realize that they can solve this problem through a quick, economical solution with concrete lifting.

Too often, see these issues and think they will settle themselves, or we will get to it one day. But you don't want to wait too long and it because a severe hazard. If you have this type of issue happening on your property, it is a solvable liability that can be handled easily. The other problem is that surfaces like this can be hazardous and unfriendly to those in need of ADA access. Addressing sinking concrete can make a world of difference for visitors of your property, and in the instance of ADA, this is imperative for business establishments.

We are here to tell you; you do not need to completely remove your concrete and redo it to fix uneven concrete. Nor do you have to resurface. We offer an injection that will elevate the slab to be equal to surrounding surfaces to make a flat sidewalk, driveway, or patio. The other benefit of doing this is it will help prolong your concrete's life and prevent future sinking.

Are you ready to fix your uneven and sinking concrete? Schedule a free quote for concrete lifting with us. We'd love to hear more about your needs, and we can provide you more details about our concrete lifting process to understand all of the incredible benefits.


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