Our Process: From Quote to Completion

Just starting to think about getting insulation installed in your home? Finally ready to fix that sunken patio? We're sure you have lots of questions. It can be nerve wracking entering into a working relationship with a new contractor - we get it! So, let's talk it through. Here's what our process typically looks like, from quote to completion. First, just let us know what you want to accomplish. Sometimes it's easier to diagnose the type of service you need if we can hear what's bothering you at home. Does your living room feel several notches cooler than the rest of the house? Are you draining your budget on utilities each month? Have you noticed that one corner of your garage is sinking?

I Have the Heat On. Why Are My Floors So Cold?

Few things will chill you to your core faster than cold feet on a cold floor. You know the feeling...you're home on a Saturday morning, heat cranked high, but after a short trip across the hardwood it's as if your home's thermostat has been idle for a week. Your heater may be working overtime, but it'll never catch up to a home without adequate insulation - especially if you have hardwood, tile or linoleum. This can happen for two primary reasons. Let's take a look! 1. Doors and windows aren't properly sealed. If a room is drafty, cold air from outside can enter your home, causing floors to feel cold. This happens when proper sealing hasn't been applied to access points like doors and window

Is Attic Insulation Worth the Cost?

Attic insulation is one of the best investments you can make in a long-term residence. Even if you pay for higher quality materials upfront, you are certain to recoup that money by saving on utility bills over time. Insulating your home with spray foam insulation saves the average homeowner between 15 and 50 percent on their monthly energy bills. A $150 bill could be slashed to $80, just like that. Just think what you could do with that extra cash each month! Savings like this add up to thousands of dollars of savings over the life of your home. You could go on a much-needed vacation, pay off the last of your car payments or put money down on that RV you've always wanted. And because spray f

How to Save on Your Energy Bills This Winter

Like a lot of the United States, Wyoming and Colorado have experienced some pretty major cold spells this winter. (We all know those gorgeous spring-like days are the exception, not the rule.) The simple solution, of course, is to crank up the heat and bundle up with a cup of hot cocoa and a puppy or two. But the energy bill that comes with it is less than ideal. And next month, when it comes time to reconcile your budget, you're going to feel it. So how can you keep your energy costs low, even during the coldest months? Is it even possible? It absolutely is! Here is a nice roundup of all the best tips for keeping your place warm without turning up the heat. 1. Lower the temperature at bedti

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