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I Have the Heat On. Why Are My Floors So Cold?

Few things will chill you to your core faster than cold feet on a cold floor. You know the're home on a Saturday morning, heat cranked high, but after a short trip across the hardwood it's as if your home's thermostat has been idle for a week.

Your heater may be working overtime, but it'll never catch up to a home without adequate insulation - especially if you have hardwood, tile or linoleum. This can happen for two primary reasons. Let's take a look!

1. Doors and windows aren't properly sealed.

If a room is drafty, cold air from outside can enter your home, causing floors to feel cold. This happens when proper sealing hasn't been applied to access points like doors and windows, chimney exits, attic access hatches, baseboards and the like.

Often, our customers think they need to completely replace their windows in order to prevent drafts like this; but the truth is, air sealing is just as effective and way more budget-friendly! You can learn more about this in our blog post, "How to Fix Drafty Windows for Good."

2. Rooms below the floor aren't insulated.

Main floors usually sit over basements, garages and crawlspaces, and these rooms are rarely temperature controlled. Cold outside? It's going to be just as cold in your basement, leading to cold floors in the main part of the house.

What can be done?

Fortunately, both these concerns are easily addressed! A little insulation applied between the ceiling of the room, below and the floor above, can do a great deal to prevent heat transfer. Additionally, air sealing access points like doors and windows, air ducts and outlets, goes a long way to preventing cold drafts that make your floor feel like ice. Easy!

Ready to make your Saturday mornings a whole lot better? Call us anytime at (307) 632-7777 to ask about our insulation and air sealing packages. We're ready for you!

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