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How to prevent tripping hazards in your entry

We are guilty of going down the Youtube rabbit hole during the pandemic especially, watching epic fails. While some are hilarious, some are looking simply painful, and many are preventative. That said, do you want to be adding to the hazards by requiring guests at your home or business to walk on uneven concrete? If you are not capturing every moment on tape to make some money off the footage, it is probably more of a liability than anything. Plus, do you want to be requiring folks to embark on these obstacles to get to their destination if you can prevent it? We hope not.

Concrete shifts and moves. Often this occurs because soil expands, contracts, settles and is ever-changing. Moisture and temperature are typically the root cause. Nevertheless, property owners assume they have to remove the concrete altogether to repair sinking and uneven concrete. We are here to tell you that isn't the case. At Ward Insulation and Concrete Lifting, we rectify these surfaces through a foam injection process. You can lift your concrete and make it level, making sidewalks, driveways, stairs, you name it, easier to fix. Plus, this is a highly cost-effective method because it will level the concrete and prolong the longevity of the surface. If you proceed with foam injection to fix your concrete, you can expect no epic fails but we are confident your visitors will be grateful.

Are you considering concrete lifting as a solution to your sinking and uneven concrete?

If so, REQUEST A QUOTE on our website. Or, if you have questions or would like to learn more, please give us a call. We will supply you with a free estimate and are also be happy to explain our process.

Or, feel free to learn more by exploring our website. We have various blogs available to explain the benefits of foam injection concrete lifting and insulation. -

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