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How to repair a sinking driveway?

We want to address with you how to fix a sinking driveway. First, we want to share with you how your drive may get into this state.

Concrete is durable, versatile, and super economical. This is why concrete is often used to construct sidewalks, driveways, patios, stairs, etc. Spite this strength; they all can experience cracks or can spall. This is because the concrete over time can crumble and settle with the earth. Often this is caused by water intrusion. If your property is in a place that experiences heavy rain or if the concrete location has poor stormwater capturing, the water will enter beneath the concrete slab and will start soil erosion. This process can cause further damage if you are in a colder environment and the weather is below freezing. The water will then enter beneath the concrete slab but will freeze, thus expand. You can identify if this is happening if you see the start of small cracks.

Concrete will begin cracking if the soil encompassing the base is weakening. This can be due to poorly compacted soil or extremely porous soil types like peat. Certain soil types absorb more water than usual and can dry out quickly. If your driveway is experiencing this, the slab will show some apparent weakening along the margins. Lastly, if your driveway may be experiencing sinking because of a poor installation if your slab was cured incorrectly or formed with more water in the cement. Either will compromise the strength of your concrete and make it more susceptible to damages. A crumbling concrete will be the best symbol of uneven breaks across the slab.

While it can be easy to brush over these early signs and not take them seriously, ignoring them can become costly, especially when the slab is enduring daily use. What we recommend is performing a foam injection to lift the slab of your driveway. We can do this in a non-invasive way. When you do the foam injection, it will strengthen the existing concrete and prolong the life of your slab. It will help to make weakening concrete durable, and this proactive step can save you money and time.

If you spot any warning signs in your driveway, give us a call (307-632-7777). We're always happy to talk things through and brainstorm potential solutions. Additionally, we are delighted to send you footage of how we perform this process. We understand that it may sound too good to be true, but we are here to tell you that our customers have loved this solution. They live by it!


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