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How to save money by insulating your barns

Insulation is essential to the long-term saving of funds. Insulating your barns will prevent heat loss, increase structural integrity, and prevent dust, wind, and debris from common exterior cracks. Also, insulating your barn has the opposite effect when it is hot outside; your barn will become a cooling agent. Your animals will significantly appreciate this when they need to find refuge from the sun.

What do I need for my pole barn?

To get the most out of your pole barn insulation, you'll want to work with a professional insulation contractor who has experience insulating pole barns. With over a decade of experience, we have a list of best practices to serve our customers better. We know our environment in Wyoming and Colorado to ensure we provide the right insulation coverage and materials for lasting results and meet your individual goals. We will help navigate you through all of the necessary decisions, and we are happy to address your questions and concerns along the way. However, to make sure you are well-informed in advance, common areas insulated in pole barns and metal buildings to consider.

The Permiter Slab

Your pole barn sits on a concrete slab that can significantly contribute to heat loss in your metal building or barn. To insulate the space, we recommend building owners insulate the perimeter to help keep heat inside the building.

The Walls

Metal walls are terrible at preventing heat transfer. Fortunately, spray foam insulation is excellent at countering this concern by creating a barrier of polyurethane foam.

The Top Inside (or "Attic")

Insulating the top part, the attic, your pole barn, or metal building helps prevent warm air from escaping out the top of your building (this phenomenon is called the chimney effect).

If you are ready to save funds by insulating your barns and metal buildings, give us a call. We'd be happy to visit with you and learn more about your project. Also, feel free to visit our website to learn more about our process. We have found that the more you know the better the experience.


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