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How to cool your home with insulation

While we will talk about how insulation will keep your home cool during the summer months, we also want to share that it helps with temperature control all year round.

First, we recommend having your attic properly insulated. When your attic is hot, everything in the attic is hot. Your air conditioner, ductwork in the attic, other elements may circulate throughout your home. It is more susceptible to heat because of the sun. Therefore consider using a radiant barrier, foil, or copper to reflect the heat. If this is not feasible, consider adding airflow to get some good air exchange. Either method will help to keep the heat down. Reducing exposure to the sun from the top down can help keep your home cool.

Once your attic temperature is more controlled, we recommend insulating rooms to keep the temperature consistent throughout your home. It keeps cool air down where you want it to be during the summer months and helps to keep the heated spaces warm during winter months because it helps keep your home air-tight. As a professional insulation company, we know the intricacies of insulation and focus on providing the proper insulation levels throughout the house for optimal results.

Lastly, the best way to keep your home cool is to ensure your home is air-tight. This exercise is often referred to as "weatherizing." To accomplish this going around your home to seal cracks or any spaces where you can see sunlight coming in. You can often find gaps in doors, windows, hatches, or places where air might escape. Just like the other steps, it will not only keep your home cool during the summer but will keep your home warm during the winter months.

With all of this, the bonus is you will save money on your electric bill, and you will be able to live more comfortably in your home all year. If you are ready to take the following steps to get your home at the optimal temperature, no matter the season, give us a call! We are happy to provide a free quote.


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