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Our Process: From Quote to Completion

Just starting to think about getting insulation installed in your home? Finally ready to fix that sunken patio? We're sure you have lots of questions. It can be nerve wracking entering into a working relationship with a new contractor - we get it! So, let's talk it through. Here's what our process typically looks like, from quote to completion.

First, just let us know what you want to accomplish.

Sometimes it's easier to diagnose the type of service you need if we can hear what's bothering you at home. Does your living room feel several notches cooler than the rest of the house? Are you draining your budget on utilities each month? Have you noticed that one corner of your garage is sinking? Whatever the environmental concern, we can address it.

How to get in touch:

  • Call (307) 632-7777 (our office manager Amy will pick up)

  • Email us at

  • Use the chat box on our website

Amy will ask you a few questions about what you'd like to get done, what your home is like, and what your timeline and budget is before moving into the consultation phase.

Second, get a consultation on the books.

It's easiest to recommend the best possible solution when we can see your home in person. When you're ready, we'll send a consultant out to visit with you, run a few tests that measure the way air moves through your home or examine a concrete slab, and communicate with you about what we're seeing and what we recommend be done.

Third, wait for a quote from our team.

Once your Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting consultant has a firm grasp on what needs to be accomplished at your place, they will draft a quote that reflects the cost of the job. This future is determined by the size and complexity of the job, and the cost of labor and materials. If you have questions about the way we calculated your estimated fee, do not hesitate to ask! We are happy to walk you through it.

Now is also the time to inquire about what rebates and special offers are available to you. A number of government agencies and energy companies in Wyoming and Colorado offer money back to families who invest in energy efficiency upgrades like insulation and air sealing.

Fourth, watch us make your insulation dreams come true.

If you're happy with the quote we provide and would like to book us to handle your insulation, air sealing or concrete lifting project, you'll work with Amy to schedule a work day for your project. We'll send out a team with all the required equipment to handle the job as efficiently as possible, so we won't be in your hair for long!

Expect to see our technicians working in different areas of the house at once, pulling up trucks and equipment, laying down drop cloths and fans, and cleaning up as they go. We aim to be extremely mindful of your space and we'll do our best to stay tidy as we go.

Fifth, tell us how we did.

After your project wraps, expect a call from Amy or one of our other associates to collect payment for the job. You'll handle any outstanding paperwork at this point as well, and be prompted to complete our customer satisfaction survey via email.

Feedback helps us improve, so please leave us a review after we complete your project! We always aim for 5-star service, but if there's anything you think needs further attention, let us know. We want to be sure you are thrilled with the result, from top to bottom.

Now, let's do this thing!

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