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Is Attic Insulation Worth the Cost?

Attic insulation is one of the best investments you can make in a long-term residence. Even if you pay for higher quality materials upfront, you are certain to recoup that money by saving on utility bills over time.

Insulating your home with spray foam insulation saves the average homeowner between 15 and 50 percent on their monthly energy bills. A $150 bill could be slashed to $80, just like that. Just think what you could do with that extra cash each month!

Savings like this add up to thousands of dollars of savings over the life of your home. You could go on a much-needed vacation, pay off the last of your car payments or put money down on that RV you've always wanted. And because spray foam insulation never needs to be maintained, it should last as long as your house does. It's a wise investment.

The choice of insulation you make will largely depend on square footage of the space you need to insulate, the climate where your home is located and your budget. But in general, you can expect to spend between $1,200 and $2,500 for attic insulation installed by a professional contractor.

Fortunately, not all of this has to come out of your pocket! Weatherization comes with a host of tax credits and rebates (some provided by state and federal government, and others by local energy companies) that help offset the cost of installing insulation.

In the end, insulation pays you back, saving you money season after season, year after year. Want to schedule a free estimate or talk more about the process? Give us a call at 307-632-7777 or fill out the form in the footer of our website. Talk soon!

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