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3 Commitments to Make to Your House This Year

Our homes do so much for us. They provide shelter from the elements, give us a place to store our belongings and host countless friends and family through every life stage. Our highs and lows are played out here, our birthday parties are held here - sometimes our babies are even born here!

Isn't it about time we started treating our homes like part of the family?

It might sound silly, but investing in your home can be a beautiful way to express what matters to you. Do you love hosting dinner parties for close friends on a regular basis? Install that new chandelier you've been eyeing. Do you want to turn your place into a property you know will turn a profit for your family upon retirement? Make the upgrades that will get you to that next level. (Here's a great summary of the home improvements that pay off every time.)

Only you will know the types of improvements that will make sense for your family, but we have a few ideas to get your wheels turning. So, without further ado, here are three important commitments to consider making to your house this year.

1. Make it feel like YOU.

We so often put off cosmetic changes that could make a huge difference in our homes because they feel unnecessary. But the truth is, these alterations are what make a house feel like yours. So paint those cabinets yellow, throw up a fun ceiling light, put stained glass over the front door. This is your place; make it shine like you do!

2. Take good care of its vitals.

You wouldn't stop getting your annual checkup because you don't feel like it. Keeping your body healthy is important! So why would you let your home's vital systems be ignored? Change out the filter in your air conditioner, get that fireplace inspected, hire someone to clear the gutters every spring. Those checkups make a big difference!

3. Give it a good shine once in a while.

It can be so easy to put off deep cleaning when decluttering is all you can manage during the week. We get it! But a good scrub down always makes a world of difference - even if it just happens a few times a year. Hire cleaners to shampoo the carpets, have a housekeeping company dust the place top to bottom, or invite a landscaper to get to the bottom of those lingering yard projects. You'll feel so glad you did!

What commitments do you want to make to your home this year?

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