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What is a Whole House Fan?

Ever heard of a whole house fan? Let me tell you about it!

An invention of pure, scientific genius, whole house fans exhaust warm, stale, frequently contaminated air through louvers at a high point in the house (usually the attic or an upper ceiling). As stale air is pulled out, fresh air is pulled in through open windows. A wall switch, timer or automatic thermostat controls it all.

Whole house fans generally come in two types: ceiling-mounted or attic-mounted. Attic mounted whole house fans blow air directly out the roof or exterior wall of the attic. Ceiling mounts, on the other hand, are installed just above louvers, drawing air into the attic first, before it's forced out vents in the roof.

Why you should consider getting one:

  • Don't have air conditioning? Well, here's a solution! Whole house fans create a wonderful, cooling indoor breeze that will keep your climate indoors feeling fresh.

  • If you already have air conditioning, adding a whole house fan can help you save money. It's more than enough to handle the average hot day. Then, when you get a real scorcher, you can kick on the AC. This will save you tons on energy costs!

Not all homes have adequate attic ventilation for ceiling-mounted whole house fans. Not sure if your home is set up for it? Give us a call! We can come to your place, on your own time, to conduct a FREE estimate. No strings attached.

Colorado: (970) 528-4244

Wyoming: (307) 632-7777

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