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Can You Insulate Existing Walls in a House?

One question we get a lot at our in-home consultations is whether or not it's possible to insulate existing walls. The answer is yes! While many older homes built before 1980 were constructed without adequate insulation (or none at all), they can be retrofitted using our innovative drill and fill technique. Here's how it works.

If you have walls, ceilings or raised living spaces that have been closed off without insulation, our insulation technicians can still access them. Even the most difficult-to-reach spots can be insulated by depositing a spray product through a very small, 2.5 inch hole in the wall cavities between studs.

After the work is complete, we simply vacuum up the work area and install plugs over the access points. From there, you can patch and re-paint however you see fit. It's really quite easy, and you'll never have to deal with cold spots and weird temperature changes in your house again!

Have you considered retrofitting your home with insulation? Give us a call! Our expert efficiency consultants can meet with you to discuss your insulation options free of charge. There are no strings attached!

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