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5 Selfish Reasons to Insulate Your Home

With so many fun things to spend your money on, we're guessing insulation probably falls pretty far down the wishlist. It's not the most glamorous thing in the world (though, to be honest, it gets us pretty excited).

Attic insulation is about so much more than getting your house up to code. You'll reap a ton of benefits too! Here are five selfish reasons to insulate your home right away.

1. You'll get better sleep.

No more getting up at 3 a.m. to close the window only to re-open it at 7 a.m.! Insulation will make sure temperatures in your bedroom (and the rest of the house) stay steady all night long.

2. You'll have more cash to spend on better things.

If someone started throwing a pile of twenties out the window, you'd notice right? Living in a home without proper insulation means conditioned air leaks right out the attic, taking your hard earned money with it.

Great insulation, on the other hand, pays for itself. Once you make the investment, you'll start to see those utility bills slashed in half, freeing up a little extra cash for dinner out or that cabin you've always wanted to book in the Rockies.

3. You can kiss your seasonal allergy symptoms goodbye.

Air sealing your home with spray foam insulation drastically reduces the amount of allergens like pollen and dust from entering your living space. No one wants to be sneezing at dinner! Invest in insulation and make your house livable again.

4. You won't have to listen to the neighbor's dog bark anymore.

We all have them...unrelenting barkers next door. If you're sick of listening to Fido yell at squirrels while you patiently try to enjoy your evening Netflix, insulate your house. Insulation limits the transmission of sound by absorbing vibrations. It's pretty amazing!

5. You'll be able to wear real clothes indoors.

You know what I'm talking about...those house clothes you only wear where no one can see you? Decades old sweatshirts, wool socks that go up to your knees - these are the clothes we wear in the wintertime when icy drafts just won't stop sneaking in through the cracks. Stop suffering needlessly. Insulation can fix it all!

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