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Energy Efficient Christmas Lights for Every Home

From lighting your home to transforming your porch into a glowing winter wonderland fit for Santa (and every awe-struck neighbor), decorative lights are about as festive as it gets. Unfortunately, while they are a staple on every Christmas tree, traditional string lights can use quite a lot of energy.

No joke, American Christmas lights consume enough electricity to power 14 million refrigerators each year... (There's a reason your utilities skyrocket come Christmastime!) Fortunately, there are lots of energy-efficient decorative lights out there. Here's a list of some of the best on the market. Bonus: they've all been ENERGY STAR certified.

Why ENERGY STAR Certified?

Every product that earns an ENERGY STAR designation meets the strictest energy efficiency requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Not only will these decorative lights help save you energy (and money), they also deliver superior glitz — just what we want during the Christmas season!

ENERGY STAR certified decorative string lights use 75% less energy than your average incandescent lights and have a manufacturer warranty of 3 years or more. They also do not have any moving parts, filaments or glass, making them super durable (you won't be replacing bulbs — at least not for a while).

The Best ENERGY STAR Certified Decorative String Lights

You're all set. Now, deck those halls, everyone!

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