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Why Won't My House Stay Cool?

This time of year it seems all Coloradoans and Wyomingites can think about is how to stay cool. (That hot Rocky Mountain sun isn't going anywhere anytime soon.) But sometimes it seems like no matter how many window shades you close or fans you keep whirring throughout the house, it just won't stay cool.

And, boy, you're probably feeling it.

A quick fix, of course, is to draw the blinds during the hottest part of the day to block heat gains. But no amount of light-blocking curtains can fix a faulty thermal envelope. If the curtains are drawn, but the house is still heating up like an oven, your next thought might be to check the thermostat. Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated thermostat won't be able to keep up with a poorly insulated home.

Just as insulation prevents warm air from escaping your home during wintertime, it keeps cold, conditioned air from escaping during the summer. But that's not all! Insulation also absorbs the sun's heat to help reduce solar gains (aka acquired heat), so that your precious A/C unit doesn't have to work overtime.

Thank you, insulation. We sure do love you.

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