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These Insulation Mistakes Could Be Costing You

There are lots of do-it-yourself projects that can be comfortably completed by the average homeowner. Insulation isn't one of them (sorry, folks). Take on an insulation project without proper training and you could end up making some costly errors that actually reduce energy efficiency instead. Yikes! Here are the most common mishaps.

Not sealing cracks and openings

There's a reason air sealing is one of the best energy-saving investments you can make. Weatherization techniques like this keep conditioned air from escaping out of small gaps in your building's enclosure, which saves you lots of money by both protecting your investment in insulation and lowering your energy bills long term. Forgoing this important step basically means you're throwing money out the window.

Selecting the wrong type of insulation

Insulation can be tricky stuff and there are loads of local residential insulation standards you need to understand to make the right selections. Failure to comply with these codes can result in costly fixes down the road, as well as an increase in utility costs if you accidentally install an insulation with too low an R-value. Having the project completed by an expert the first time around will save you some major headaches down the line.

Making selections based on price alone

When comparing and contrasting insulation options, many people default to price to help make their decision. That's not a great way to go! Low-priced insulations often lead to more problems than they solve, causing eventual mold, allergies and all sorts of other issues. At Ward, we carefully select our products based on quality, longevity and a number of environmental criteria, so you can rest assured knowing you made a truly smart investment.

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