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The Hottest Home Trends of 2018 (According to Pinterest)

The results are in! Every year, popular social media tool Pinterest publishes the "Pinterest 100," a report that lays out the platform's top 100 trends based on pinning activity, many of which fall into the categories of home improvement and interior design. Here's what stood out:

Resort Inspired home trend applied to the living room

Resort-inspired style

Who doesn't want to bring those vacay vibes home? Spa-inspired bathrooms, breezy rattan furniture, outdoor spaces. . . looks like we aren't the only ones ready for summer!

Statement ceilings

Forget accent walls; statement ceilings are the way to go! Transform your room from top down with bold paint, intricate wallpaper, or vintage tiling.


Anyone out there remember terrazzo? This bold, speckled flooring from the '70s is taking Pinterest by storm, gracing everything from entryways to ceilings!

Natural wood textures

Wood installed in a herringbone pattern makes any space more modern. It adds dimension, plus a natural, easy quality we really love.

Statement doors

Did you know that painting your front door in a fresh color is one of the best things you can do to upgrade your home? You'll recoup your investment immediately.

Vibrant foliage

We're all about "jungle-ifying" our homes. Houseplants create a calming atmosphere, improve indoor air quality, and can even brighten your mood!


Want to see what else is trending? View the complete Pinterest 100 pin board right here.


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