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How to Reduce Your Heating Bill Fast

We are deep into that time of year, aren't we? Windshields are freezing over, the hardwood floors are cold on bare feet, and the car just won't heat up fast enough. Even if you've considered moving elsewhere to escape the chill (Florida, anyone?), right now, you just need to face the cold.

The cold, dark winter months can be a struggle to plow through, especially if your heating bill is demolishing your budget. The holidays are already an expensive time of year; big utility bills just add to the pile!

Thankfully, with just a few small changes, you can cut down on your heating bill this winter season. Let's take a look at some of the best recommendations out there.

1) Use an energy-efficient space heater

Spending your entire day in your home office? Don't heat the entire house if you'll only be spending time in a single room. While older space heater models require huge amounts of electricity to function, new ones are better at sensing ambient temperature and only running as much as is needed to heat the space.

2) Buy a smart thermostat

A one-time investment in a smart thermostat like the Nest or Ecobee can save you a great deal over time. Most range from $100 to $200 and utility companies often provide rebates when you purchase one. Yay!

3) Ask your utility company for budget billing

With budget billing, your utility company can actually average your bills throughout the year to provide you a consistent payment each month. This helps even out the burden and makes it easier to plan. Plus, the number recalibrates each year, so you will only pay for what you use.

4) Insulate your attic

Good attic insulation practically pays for itself. A home with great insulation keeps warm air inside during the winter and cool air inside during the summer. Spending more now, means spending much, much less later on!


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