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How to Winterize Your Property Before Bad Weather Sets In

When it comes to maintaining your property there are two kinds of winters: the first begins with the Winter Solstice on December 21st and always seems to arrive much later in the year than you expect. The second winter starts some unexpected morning between late July and early November and is characterized by sub-freezing temperatures, surprising snow accumulation, and complete domination of all small talk for the duration of the storm.

If you've waited until actual winter to winterize your home, you're probably too late. Here are four places to check when preparing your house to combat the winter that you can't find on the calendar.


Take a look around outside at all the small chores and ask yourself: would this be harder to do if the ground were completely frozen? If the answer is yes, do it now. Those leaves that have been piling up? They'll be much harder to bag up when they're rock solid. That overgrown branch that is hanging over your porch? A half-inch of ice can increase weight by almost 3,000 percent! Trim it right away.

Up High

One of the best ways to conserve energy, heat, and money during the winter months is to ensure you have adequate insulation in the attic. A well-insulated attic should be roughly 10 degrees warmer than the outside air. Warm air rises, so don't let it rise right out the top of your house. While you're up there, take a look at your gutters. A full gutter can freeze and cause flooding inside your house. No good! Lastly, check in to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order and up to date.

Down Low

The best time to check for cracks in your structure is when freezing air isn't pouring in. Apply caulk generously to any cracks or gaps to prevent airflow. You might also consider installing a door guard or weather stripping to minimize chilly toes (or chilly everything else). Lastly, travel down to your basement and check the maintenance status of your large appliances. Boilers and furnaces are well known for their sense of humor and have been known to break at the worst possible time.

Too Slow

It is 10 degrees outside, there is two feet of snow, and you have done none of the things listed above. That's okay! Put on a sweater and find someone to cuddle up with. These tips don't expire and professionals like us are happy to install insulation and handle those concrete eyesores no matter the weather. It's only the first winter...relax!


Need insulation or concrete services? Call us anytime at 307-632-7777! We're happy to help.


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