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5 Great Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Purchasing a home is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated! Next time someone close to you gets their keys, consider getting them a housewarming gift on this list. These items are thoughtful and useful. Perfect for someone whose to-do list (or "honey-do list") just got a lot longer.

Cast Iron Skillet

While you can certainly cook a passable egg on an aluminum or steel skillet, they’ll never have the durability or versatility of a cast-iron skillet. Long after other pans are cracked, warped, and thrown away — a properly cared-for cast iron skillet will last decades.


Here's the thing about ladders: you never think you need one until you need one. From clearing gutters to monitoring one’s insulation, a ladder is essential for every new homeowner. This is a great item that will be used for ages!


One of the most important things a new homeowner can have is a well-stocked toolbox. No need to focus on specialty items; a few different types of screwdriver, a hammer, and a wrench will go a long way towards fixing up some of the small concerns that are sure to show up in the early days as a homeowner.

Light Fixture

This underrated gift will be visible for years and years to come! With all the expenses involved with closing on a house, there is rarely much extra cash at hand for changing out that ugly-but-survivable light fixture. A gift card for a beautiful new pendant or flush mount can go a long way toward making that house feel like a home.

A Helping Hand

A little help setting up the house can be priceless to a new homeowner. Painting numerous rooms, for example, is daunting by one’s self, but with an extra set of hands (and some pizza) it can turn into a wonderful experience! Whether unloading boxes, assembling IKEA furniture, or just keeping an eye on the kids for a bit, a helping hand can be the glue that holds a move together.

Which of these ideas do you wish you'd received as a new homeowner? Truly, any of these items (or services) will go a long way to welcoming your friends or family members into the homeowner lifestyle. Trying to manage a property is a big step — and a little help can go a long way! Now go get those brownie points.


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