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Is Your Home Ready to Receive Holiday Guests?

As the holidays fast approach, households all over the country are preparing to host dinners, parties and even overnight guests. But the day before visitors arrive is no time to start pulling apart junk drawers and cleaning out coat closets. Let's get ahead of things while there's still a week or two of peace and quiet! Here's you need to do.

1. Freshen up the guest bedroom.

If you're hosting overnight guests at any point over the holiday season, you'll want to be sure their sleeping space is as clean and cozy as possible. Change the sheets, clear as many working outlets as you can and remove any clutter that's made its way into the...forgotten corners. You might even consider tossing a festive pillow or two on the bed!

2. Increase seating options.

Have lots of people coming over? Well, they're all going to need a place to sit. While your normal living room setup may have enough space for your family and a guest or two, it's time to break out every bench, folding chair and ottoman you can find. Your guests will roll with whatever you provide, so don't overthink it.

3. Childproof the place.

The last thing you want during a family get together is an injury. Start by placing sharp, breakable or otherwise dangerous items out of reach of small children and put baby gates up around stairs. You may need to pick up a new gadget or two, but that peace of mind is priceless.

4. Set up a few unexpected delights.

Even though you can navigate your home blindfolded and rummage through the pantry till you find what you're looking for, your guests can't. Pop some night lights in hallways and bathrooms, stock up on snacks, set up a coffee and tea station for early risers, and make sure you have an extra toothbrush or two on hand. Your visitors will certainly appreciate the effort!

5. Make sure your essential home systems are in order.

Now is a great time to check on essential home systems like your furnace, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and thermostat. You've got a house working overtime, so appliances like your water heater, oven and heating system are most certainly struggling to keep up. Now is a great opportunity to test essential systems and replace components like filters and vents. There's no time like the present!

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