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What Does "GREENGUARD Certified" Mean?

You've been hearing us make claims about our commitment to environmental sustainability and indoor air quality since we opened our doors more than a decade ago. Besides using products made from recycled materials, we also seek out products that have been certified by industry-respected agencies helping to create safe indoor environments. The big one? GREENGUARD.

The spray foam we use to insulate your homes and barns has been "GREENGUARD Certified," meaning it has been rigorously tested and proven to emit very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Products that have passed the GREENGUARD Certification Program meet very strict chemical emissions limits, which contributes to the creation of healthy interior environments. For a product applied directly to your living space, this is very important!

Check out this video which helps explain the GREENGUARD certification program:

Wondering how GREENGUARD certifies insulation products like our Lapolla Industries spray foam insulation? Well, it's certainly no walk in the park! The chemical analysts at GREENGUARD use large dynamic environmental chambers free from background levels of pollution to test all sorts of consumer products, from laptops to flooring materials, for more than 10,000 different types of chemical emissions.

From start to finish, the testing process takes between one and six months. Thousands of products go through testing at the GREENGUARD, and new versions of those same items are retested each year to determine if any changes have occurred. Crazy, right? You can find a list of GREENGUARD Certified items here.


We are committed to helping you create a healthier, safer, more comfortable home. Get in touch to learn more about spray foam insulation and schedule a FREE in-home consultation!

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