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Why You Should Insulate Your Metal Structure

Think insulating your metal building is a little...extra? It's actually really practical! Building the structure may have been quite the budget-saver, but keeping them warm without insulation is a different story.

First, metal sheeting is very temperature reactive. Without insulation, the building cannot retain heat during the winter months or stay comfortably cool in the summer. Try getting anything done in sweltering heat or bone-chilling's not easy!

Second, when temperatures vary noticeably between buildings and the outside, condensation will eventually begin to form. This moisture allows unhealthy mold and mildew to grow, and even cause rust and corrosion around your building's connections, bolts and screws. Yikes.

Fortunately, there are options. Whatever the size of your structure, Ward Insulation can apply a range of insulation solutions to ensure comfortable temperatures, moisture control, sound proofing, and even increased structural integrity. It's actually one of our most popular services!

To get a customized quote for your metal building, just give us a call or fill out this form on our website. One of our efficiency consultants will visit with you, measure the square footage of your place and chat with you about your desires for the space. They'll use this information to recommend the best possible solution for your needs and your budget. Easy!

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