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15 Curb Appeal Projects You Can Accomplish in a Weekend

Yellow house

It doesn't always take a major overhaul to spiff up your home's exterior. Sometimes all you need is an updated fixture or a little bit of paint to brighten the place. Ready to dive in? Here are 15 delightfully simple curb appeal projects you can accomplish in a weekend.

1. Repaint your front door

The wear and tear of the seasons is likely to show up first on your front door. Staining or repainting it in a vibrant color can make a world of difference! Plus, it's really easy to repaint if you get tired of the color or it goes out of style. Need help? We like this tutorial by Glidden.

2. Install a porch swing

Nothing says "laid back" like a porch swing! Complete the look with a fun collection of plush throw pillows and add a little table by the side to hold your lemonade.

3. Give light fixtures a fresh finish

This project may be a little time consuming, but it's so worth it! Simply remove your old porch lights, disassemble the pieces, spray with a fresh finish, then reassemble. This tutorial explains it well.

4. Add a couple of planters to the front step

Even the most basic of yards will shine with groupings of potted plants carefully scattered around the front step. Plant evergreen varieties that will last year to year, then mix in annuals as spring and summer come around.

5. Pop a wreath on the front door

Nothing says "Welcome!" like a lovely seasonal wreath on the front door. Plus, you can swap them out with the seasons if you want variety — spring, summer, fall, and winter!

6. Repaint the fence around your yard

Whether you like the classic white look or want to try something a little more on the funky side, repainting your fence is a nice way to show that you care about your space.

White house with great landscaping

7. Pressure wash the place

A quick pressure wash cab take your home from drab to fab in minutes! Don't have one at home? Rent one from your local hardware store (A1 Rental and Wyoming Rents are great local options), borrow from a friend, or see if you can find one at a good price on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

8. Create symmetry

Use rocking chairs, flower pots, plant stands, and accessories to create a feeling of balance and symmetry on the front porch.

9. Plant greenery

Create a truly lush environment around your home by planting trees and shrubs instead of flowers. The sturdy nature of greenery like this makes it a great investment, and the privacy is really nice too!

10. Swap your house numbers

The quickest refresh of them all! Remove the outdated numbers from the front of your house and install a more modern version instead. We especially like these ideas!

11. Create a path with pavers

Well-worn cobblestone pavers like these add a quirky, rustic flair to your front yard. Simply prepare the space, lay down a stable base, then place as you like.

12. Install a flower box or two

Take the blooms a little higher with a flower box! Lowe's in particular has a lovely selection of hanging baskets and planters that fit a variety of decorating styles, from country to modern. You can also DIY this! Simply build a box from 1x12 cedar planks and drill holes for drainage.

13. Lay down a new welcome mat

Welcome guests to your home with an eye-catching welcome mat that fits your color scheme. Nothing complicated here!

14. Tuck unsightly yard items away

Yard items like hoses, gardening tools or even your garbage and recycling cans can be easily tucked away in decorative baskets or within fencing. Simply locate the items you don't want visible, then look for the best camouflaging solutions online.

15. Give your mailbox a makeover

Replacing or refreshing a worn out mailbox can make your entire property feel just a bit more elegant. DIYs range from simple to complex, and many make use of recycled or repurposed materials. Just pick what works for you!

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