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FAQ: What Kind of Insulation is Recommended for Ceilings?

Expanding spray foam insulation is a fantastic choice for ceilings because of its incredible ability to stop conductive heat transfer and block airflow.

Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value per inch on the market, which means it does a particularly effective job at resisting conductive heat transfer between surfaces that are two different temperatures. It is also extremely dense, so air cannot penetrate it and enter your home (unlike blow-in insulation or fiberglass). This is particularly relevant during cold winter months. No one wants a cold draft coming in through the ceiling!

What is spray foam exactly?

Spray foam insulation is a mix of two chemicals that are sprayed on walls and ceilings or other surfaces that need to be protected from heat transfer. These two chemicals react together to expand and fill small cracks and holes before drying and hardening into a firm substance. It is an excellent choice for air sealing.


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