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Can Concrete Be Lifted Year-Round?

We recently got an email from a customer who was concerned about getting her sidewalk steps lifted before Cheyenne's first freeze. Her question: "Can my concrete be lifted year-round or am I too late?" It comes down to this:

Concrete is prone to sinking and it can collapse for many reasons. Dry weather can cause the dirt beneath a concrete slab to shrink and compress. In most circumstances, the slab will slowly sink to fill in the added space created by a shrinking foundation, leading to cracks and an uneven surface.

An angled driveway sloping towards your garage can cause serious water damage if not dealt with immediately. But if things go south (not literally), this shrinking dirt could instead cause a large void beneath your slab, making it unstable — and even dangerous! Fortunately, a professional foam-jacker raising your driveway can solve the issue in a jiffy.

Now, back to the question at hand: can concrete be lifted year-round? The answer is no — and I’m glad you asked!

Concrete cannot be lifted in below-freezing temperatures, as polyurethane foam (the primary component we use to lift concrete) cannot sufficiently expand. Fortunately, if you can arrange to have your project completed before things get too cold, polyurethane foam is impervious to the elements and can prevent any wintertime damage to your concrete before it starts.


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