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Why Is My Patio Sinking?

There's a reason concrete is the go-to building material for sidewalks and patios: it's durable, versatile and super economical. But even the most carefully poured concrete slab can crack, crumble and settle over time. Here are three of the most common reasons your concrete patio might be sinking.

1. You're dealing with water intrusion

If water from heavy rains or a poorly placed storm drain continually enters the space beneath your concrete slab, you'll likely end up dealing with the effects of soil erosion. This problem can worsen if cold weather causes this water to freeze and expand.

The telltale signs: When concrete is first becoming compromised, you might notice small cracks and fissures on the surface of your slab.

2. The base underneath your slab is weakening

Concrete is only as strong as the soil base it's built upon. If the base is poorly compacted or unstable in any way, your concrete patio will begin cracking and sinking at weak points.

The telltale signs: Concrete falling due to a weak base usually becomes apparent along the outside edge of a slab.

3. The slab was improperly constructed

A perfect concrete patio is smooth, sturdy and poured over a well-prepared base. But this doesn't always happen. If your slab was cured incorrectly or formed from watery cement, you'll find out soon enough.

The telltale signs: If you notice that your patio is crumbling in small pieces or is breaking down unevenly, your slab was probably improperly constructed.

The importance of early repairs

It may be tempting to ignore the early signs of a sinking patio, but this would be a mistake. Problems that cause cracking and sinking don't just go away, they get worse. Better to handle the issue before the damage becomes more apparent!

If you spot any of the warning signs that you're dealing with water intrusion or the base underneath your patio is weakening, give us a call (307-632-7777). We're always happy to talk things through and brainstorm potential solutions.

You know where to find us.

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