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A Letter to Our Customers

This virus has us all reeling, doesn’t it? What a whirlwind the past couple of months have been. I want you to know that my thoughts are with you and your loved ones right now, as we all try to find the best way forward in these uncertain times. This community is amazing and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

I take seriously my responsibility as a business owner to the people in our community ─ and in neighboring ones. As this virus continues to spread, you can count on all of us here at Ward Insulation to do our part to protect you, the best way we know how.

With that in mind, there are a few things I’d like you to know.

1. We are still open for business. Acting in line with the statewide orders issued by Governor Mark Gordon, we are continuing business as usual, with a few changes. Our goal, first and foremost, is to keep you safe, while doing what we can to contribute to rekindling our economy. Small businesses like ours are the backbone of America, after all.

2. We are taking extra precautions to continue flattening the curve. We know, from healthcare experts and policymakers, that following social distancing guidelines and flattening the curve is the best thing we can do right now to save lives. While we will remain open ─ as long as it’s permitted in our state ─ we don’t take lightly our responsibility to you: our customers. In the midst of this, you can count on us to:

  • Conduct as much business over the phone as possible

  • Wear protective gear when we interact in person

  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet at all times

  • Routinely sterilize our equipment

While we cannot guarantee perfection, you can rely on us to act with care for you and your family. It’s who we are.

We are still committed to helping you make healthy investments in your home. Many of us are spending more time in our homes than we ever have before. (This is good! Keep doing this!) We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable in your space ─ to feel like you actually want to be there. Take some time to think about the state of your home. Have you looked at your attic recently? If you can see the rafters, your house is underinsulated. Feeling a draft coming in the front room? Now might be a good time to handle that. Take advantage of the extra time you have right now to consider the changes you’d like to make to your home. And when you’re ready to make those changes, give us a call! We are here for you.

We are donating a portion of our spring earnings to local relief projects. We have always been here for our community ─ just like it has been here for us. We grew up here. We built our families here. We want to see this place thrive and grow. This community matters to us, which is why we’re donating a portion of our spring earnings to local COVID-19 relief efforts. There is no better time to hire Ward Insulation to take care of your insulation, air sealing or concrete lifting projects. The money you spend? It will go to keeping our local economy and community strong, while we all ride this wave together.

We know that COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future. Things are going to be different for a while. But ─ whatever happens ─ I know that we will be okay, if we take this seriously and look out for each other. Really, there’s nothing Wyomingites do better.

Thinking of you all.


Carter Ward

President, Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting

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