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Why Polyjacking is the Best Concrete Leveling Option Out There

When polyjacking came onto the concrete leveling scene, contractors and homeowners the world over rejoiced! Okay, that might be overstated...but the truth is: there's no better way to lift and level sunken concrete than through polyjacking.

Through polyjacking, contractors can lift and reset a sunken concrete slab by pumping polyurethane foam into the void underneath it and pushing it up from below. The process starts with drilling a small access hole into the concrete (usually 5/8"), strategically placed so as to maximize lift and minimize any disturbance to the area.

From there, a technician simply injects foam under the slab until the space is filled and the desired lift has been reached. After that, access holes are patched and the work is complete! Quick, effective, and affordable, really no other solution compares.

Concrete leveling with polyurethane foam has several benefits, including:

  • Cost: concrete leveling can be significantly less expensive than pouring new concrete

  • Speed: concrete lifted with foam can be used within minutes, as opposed to days with new concrete

  • Eco-Friendly: concrete leveling keeps concrete waste out of landfills

  • Cleanliness: concrete leveling doesn't disturb surrounding structures and landscaping

When compared to other concrete leveling solutions like mudjacking and concrete replacement, polyjacking is far superior. Quicker, cleaner and more cost-effective than traditional options, polyjacking can restore your concrete slab to its original functionality in minutes. No need to spend a fortune and wait days to use new concrete!

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