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6 Important Questions to Ask Your Insulation Contractor Before You Hire

Let's be real here. Contractors have a reputation for overcharging and underdelivering (we've all heard those nightmare stories). But finding a competent, reliable contractor doesn't have to be so difficult! Here are the questions you should be asking before you hire. And you know what? We'll deliver on them all.

1. Have you done business under a different name?

Operating the same business under a new name is often a sign that the business was shut down for shady reasons. When in doubt, check with the Department of Public Safety or the Better Business Bureau to be sure they have a good reputation over many years of business.

Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting: We've been Ward Insulation since day one and we're Wyoming born and bred. People here know us!

2. What is your license number?

Every contractor is required to register with the state in order to do business. Once they do, they receive a contractor's license number. And this number is a great research tool! Use it to verify whether or not any judgements have been passed against them. That would be a major red flag.

Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting: Feel free to give our office manager Chelsea a call at 307-632-7777 if you'd like this info. Happy to provide!

3. Can I have your insurance policy?

Every contractor should be insured. Make sure their policy carries enough weight to cover your property, as well as a good amount of worker's compensation coverage. If your contractor isn't properly insured, you could be stuck with some nasty liability charges if a crew member is injured on your property.

Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting: Sure you can! Get in touch with our office manager Chelsea at 307-632-7777 and she'll walk you through it.

4. How do I get in touch with you?

If a potential contractor is only willing to provide a P.O. Box or cell phone number, you might want to take your search elsewhere. This can signal unreliability (the last thing you want if things go downhill with your contractor is someone you can't trace).

Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting: You can call us anytime at 307-632-7777. Want to stop by? Come visit with us: 5917 Sunset Dr, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

5. How much will this project cost me?

Ask for a quote on your project and get it in writing. Make sure those estimates are detailed and itemized so you can compare them to other choices in the industry. You'll also want to pay special attention to estimates that are far outside the other quotes you've received. Too high or too low and you could be dealing with someone who is either scamming you or doesn't have a clear sense of the materials and labor the job will entail. Neither is good.

Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting: Our estimators have been working in this industry for years upon years. They know what's up! Submit your request for a quote here.

6. How many projects like mine have you completed over the past year?

You're hiring a contractor because you need a specialist. Make sure they specialize in exactly the type of work you need done! Ask all potential contractors whether they've completed similar jobs. This will help you verify that you're working with the right business. Remember: you're looking for an expert, not a hobbyist.

Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting: We work year round in single-family homes, at prominent local businesses and even on city projects. Our resume is long, so odds are, we've completed similar jobs to yours in the past. Just ask!

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