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The Best Way to Insulate a Pole Barn

Pole frame buildings like barns and shops are cheap to build and nearly indestructible. Fortunately, they are also easy to insulate, well-suited to everything from spray foam to fiberglass. Which solution you choose generally comes down to the way you plan to use the building and the environment you live in.

For example: Will you be using your pole barn to store heavy equipment like a tractor? Or is it a man-cave that will be used mostly for social purposes? Do you live in an area known for tornadoes or high-speed winds? What are your winters like? Are you worried about airflow creating condensation and rust?

Your answers to these questions can help inform how you prioritize the various heating and cooling characteristics of your insulation, as well as aspects like noise level and ventilation. From there, you'll have the information you need to choose an insulating material.

Types of Pole Barn Insulation Materials

  1. Fiberglass Insulation - Fiberglass has been industry standard for a long time. It's lightweight, cost effective and can be applied either in batt form or loose as a blow-in insulation. That said, you're better off looking elsewhere. Batt insulation, while great in an attic, doesn't quite cut it in the face of high winds outdoors.

  2. Cellulose Insulation - Made from renewable materials and featuring a higher R-value per square inch than fiberglass, cellulose insulation is also a suitable option. But again, you're likely to experience more draftiness than you would with a denser material like spray foam.

  3. Spray Foam Insulation - Easily the best contender, spray foam insulation does a fantastic job of insulating pole barns and other metal buildings. Dense, gap-free and sturdy, spray foam keeps wind out, stops moisture transfer and does an amazing job increasing structural integrity. Spray foam increases racking strength and lift strength by 150% and 200% respectively!

Why You Should Insulate Your Pole Barn With Spray Foam

Carter Ward, Ward Insulation's founder and president, stands by spray foam as the best insulation for pole barns, shops and metal buildings.

"Spray foam acts like a wool sweater and a windbreaker all in one. It has the highest R-value per inch, sitting at around 7.0. And the increase in strength for the building is phenomenal. If your goal is to keep cold air and moisture out, there's no better option out there."

But it's not just our team that believes in the product. Ken, one of our local customers, has also experienced the benefits.

"In the winter of 2018, it was -40 degrees with wind chill, but my shop was 36 degrees, with only Ward Insulation's spray foam."

Now that's impressive! If you agree that spray foam insulation is the best possible choice for your pole barn and live in Southeastern Wyoming or Northern Colorado, call, email or chat for your free estimate.

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