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How to Fix Drafty Windows for Good

Your house will, on average, lose 25 percent of its heat through the windows. And you're probably feeling it too! Air leaking from an unsealed window creates drafts, which not only makes the room feel super uncomfortable, it's also a drain on your utility bill.

Drafty windows may be tolerable in the summertime, but once winter temperatures set in (and we've all been feeling them lately) those drafty windows will bother you like nothing else. Best to handle that headache now!

Why do windows get drafty?

Cold air can get in through your windows all sorts of ways. Older windows have a glazing putty that can fall away, leaving the glass only loosely rattling in its frame. Similarly, wooden windows with double-hung sashes may shrink and erode over time, letting cold air in through the cracks.

But old windows aren't the only problem. Even newer vinyl or aluminum windows may form leaks through weather stripping over time. Still others develop spaces between the windows themselves and the spaces they're fitted to. No good!

Not sure if you have leaks around your windows? Our efficiency consultants can use state-of-the-art pressurizing techniques to reveal the air leaks that are the culprit behind your rising energy bills, then suggest ways to fix them. This consultation is totally free!

So, how can I fix drafty windows?

Older windows can be repaired or replaced with new windows. However, this is likely not the most cost-effective way to solve the problem. New windows are expensive! Air sealing, however, is not.

Air sealing is a technique that we use all the time in Cheyenne and Fort Collins to close off the gaps that let cold air into our clients' homes. We use a combination of caulk, expanding foam sealant and weatherstripping to seal gaps and holes around your home, paying special attention to often forgotten areas like:

  • Spots where pipes come through walls and ceilings

  • Near chimney exits

  • Around electrical plates, switches and outlets

  • At dropped ceilings, usually above kitchen cabinets and bathtubs

  • Around air vents and attic access hatches

  • Around baseboards, walls and door trim

Once those leaks are sealed up, you'll notice an instantaneous difference in the comfort of your home — truly! No longer will you experience those drafts and "bubbles of cold air" like you did before. And no longer will you be paying for heated air you never even get to feel.


It's time to say goodbye to drafty windows. Learn more about our air sealing packages here!

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