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Gratitude Post: What makes home feel like home to you?

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we thought it might be a nice idea to ask our staff what it is about home that is most precious to them. Is it the people? A particular melody? The scent of fresh-baked bread or maybe chili on the stove? Here's what they had to say.


What makes home feel like home to you?

"The sound of my son laughing, my family talking to each other, food cooking, laundry going, nice background music, and the sound of the heater kicking on." - Cody

"To see the seven smiles I love deeply. And the sound of controlled chaos." - Kevin

"Simply being around family and friends...enjoying each other's company and doing things together!" - Chris

"Warmth, the sound of dog nails running across the hardwood floors and, of course, the yelling

wife...kidding!" - Bryan

The smell of my parents' house at Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite smell in the world!" - Jon

"Home feels like home when I hear kids screaming, food cooking, and football in the background." - Adam

"Family, warmth, and comfort." - Geano

"My cat, a place that is comfortable and smells nice...fresh sheets, specifically." - Robert

"To me, home is walking in and seeing my wife and three girls after a long day. I know that the day may have been crazy, but the stress melts away when I see them smile." - Bob

"Family, music, a clean house...when I'm paying for the house, it feels like home." - Luis

"Home is a place where you build memories." - Sean

"Safe, warm, happy voices, loving people. It's my sanctuary from the rest of the world." - Phil

"The smell of food cooking when I walk in the door. Laughter, love, music." - Carter

It changes with the seasons...this time of year, home is yummy smells coming from the kitchen, a fire in the fireplace, the girls playing, football on TV, and dogs strewn about the floor napping." - Chelsea

Now it's your turn! What do you most treasure about home?

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