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Get to Know Carter: Ward's Founder and President

What inspired you to open Ward Insulation? Tell us the story.

I am a tech nerd. I have always loved technology and have always enjoyed experimenting with PV panels and alternative energies, particularly as a kid in physics class. At the time we were learning about energy loss and working on ways to make energy transfer more efficient. Perpetual energy systems aren't yet available, but the concept always seemed brilliant to me. In order to do it, the conservation of energy was the necessity, not the production of energy.

Construction is also a big part of my story. When I was 15, I wanted a job, so I started in residential construction — framing, trimming, setting cabinets, painting, concrete work. The home from the foundation up. I then worked my way into commercial construction in high school and college, where I learned about entrepreneurship. Following in the family footsteps, I decided to start a business that could help provide for the community. So, I started a remodel business.

Five years in, I found myself going back to the thought of energy efficiency. I'd also had the opportunity to insulate a couple of homes for my customers. They were ecstatic. They were super happy with the work and the affordability of the project and, best of all, were now more comfortable in their homes. Plus, they were getting money back in their pockets at the end of each month.

I have come to realize that it doesn't matter how efficient a heating or cooling system is. If you are not properly containing that newly conditioned air, the only thing you are efficiently heating is your neighborhood. A mortgage lasts 30 years. But you'll get utility bills for the rest of your life — and costs aren't going down.

What does your role at Ward look like day to day?

Each day is different — this is one thing I love about my position and about business ownership. Everything from marketing to accounting, to team leadership, equipment diagnostics and repair is a part of my job. Every day, we work as a team to come up with better solutions and greater efficiencies inside of our organization.

Are you Cheyenne born and raised? How long have you lived here?

Cheyenne bred and fed! My great grandfather, Buster, set up his homestead in LaGrange (northeast of Cheyenne) when he was thirteen. Rode into town at the age of 13 with pneumonia after his parents died. Later, he started a ranch with his wife Nelly and they raised a family of multiple small business owners.

What's your favorite annual event in town?

Two events have a big place in my heart. My family has been involved with Cheyenne Frontier Days beginning with my great grandfather. My cousins are pickup men in the rodeo, my father was a chairman and president of the board, my sister was Miss Frontier, my brother volunteers at the stripping chutes, and he and my mother volunteer at the Cowboy Bistro.

Do you have a morning routine? Give us the rundown.

I roll out of bed at 6:00 and enjoy watching the sunrise. If time permits, I will pour a cup of joe. Then I shower, set up our crew, and head to the gym.

What TV show character do you most identify with?

Tough one...maybe Joey from Friends?

What's your most used emoji?

😂 and 🤙🏼

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