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Is Insulation Expensive?

At Ward Insulation, we do everything we can to provide the very best to our customers — in our service, in who we hire, and in the quality of products we offer. We define proper insulation (or quality insulation) as that which offers the greatest benefit to the customer, is installed correctly, and meets our criteria for environmental impact. You can read more about that here.

On average, most residential insulation projects cost somewhere between $874 and $1,892. A low estimate might be in the mid-$400s, where a high estimate can creep up toward $3,000. The cost of the project depends heavily on the square footage being insulated, the type of space being insulated, and the type of product being applied (spray foam, loose fill, etc).

Fortunately, there are lots of rebates and savings programs out there that can help offset the cost of your project! We are continually updating our Specials & Rebates page with the best programs in Wyoming and Colorado. I mean, who doesn't want a great discount?

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of your project, give us a call at 307-632-7777!

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