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Does Attic Insulation Actually Save You Money?

At this point, you're probably pretty well-versed in the savings you could experience by investing in better insulation (at least we hope so!). And all the claims are true! While attic insulation costs a little bit of money up front, the energy savings it provides quickly cover the initial expense and last for, practically, a lifetime.

Attic insulation keeps the cold air from your air conditioner inside your house during the summer and keeps warm air from your heater inside your house during the winter. Rather than let all that conditioner air float to the top of your house and escape out of gaps in your building's "envelope."

The Building Envelope

At its simplest, the building envelope is the exterior shell of your building. It's designed to repel the elements, help regulate moisture and temperature, and adjust to air pressure. It's also what (literally) creates a difference between "inside" and "outside."

This structure is designed and built meticulously to ensure there are no open edges, cracks between windows and walls, or gaps between the foundation and the rest of the home. However, over time, as the home settles and encounters the elements, things begin to degrade. Roofs are bombarded with rain and hail, heat from direct sun, and all sorts of other things. The foundation is placed in wet, damp earth. Over time, that perfect building envelope starts to break down.

The tighter the envelope, the more control you have over your indoor environment. The looser the envelope, the more you'll experience leaks and drafts and all the other irritations and dangers that come with a failing building envelope. That's where insulation and air sealing come in!

Attic Insulation and Energy Savings

A tight building envelope is vital for energy savings, thermal comfort, and environmental sustainability. If your home hasn't already been air sealed or doesn't already have adequate insulation, making sure attic insulation is properly installed will benefit you (and future occupants) for years and years to come! The house will be less expensive to heat, less expensive to cool, and much more comfortable. We guarantee it!

Here's what one of our recent customers had to say about the energy savings they experienced after installing attic insulation: "Ward put insulation in our attic five months ago and our energy bill has gone down more than $100 a month. They did a great job!" That's good stuff!

Want to calculate how much you'd save? Check out this Insulation Savings Calculator made by Green Attic or give us a call. We'd be happy to walk you through things.


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